Through the course of Fortis Enterprises’ steady growth, we’ve interviewed a range of sharp candidates. We’ve noticed that the most impressive jobseekers use the following simple strategies to increase their chances of landing the job:

Being Authentic: This comes across in a range of ways, but perhaps never more importantly than when answering a question about weaknesses. We want potential hires to be upfront about the weak areas they’re trying to address. After all, constant improvement is a core Fortis Enterprises principle.

Offering Examples: Whether we ask about strongest skills, working with teammates, or any other topic, we want to hear specific examples from candidates. Any time someone offers relevant facts and figures to bolster his or her case, we’re impressed by that person’s potential value to our company.

Being Prepared: More than anything else, we look for people who are well prepared for the interview. This includes knowing a lot about our organization, big projects, and the competition we face in our industry. Being prepared also means that candidates know how to sell themselves for the specific positions they want to fill. Rather than tell us a lot of personal details, we prefer to hear as much as possible about how a person is the right fit for the job.

We look and listen for these things every time we interview a potential addition to our team.

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