Fortis Enterprises:
Our Environment for
Professional Growth

Fortis Enterprises focuses on more than consulting and branding. We are committed to developing a pool of talented individuals who have the intuition and business expertise to thrive in any professional environment. Our recruitment process is designed to identify people who are ambitious and who desire the opportunity to forge their own journeys through a hands-on learning experience. We work with each individual to set personalized goals and create a plan which outlines how they will be achieved.

Our interactive learning environment offers the perfect blend of knowledge transfer and support needed to progress. In order to preserve institutional knowledge and assure long term-growth, we promote from within. Each of our employees begins their career with Fortis Enterprises in an entry level position and after developing a strong team and vast knowledge of the business, they will be promoted into a position of management.

Step 1: Entry Level

Nearly every management position that we have at Fortis has been filled through a process of organic growth. We feel like maintaining a strong culture across all of our branches starts and ends with investing time and resources to our new staff members. Our development process begins with effective initial and ongoing training processes to ensure that our employees are not only experts in their field, but they can be strong examples of leadership to the surrounding staff. Our entire training and development process is one on one, with a focus on creating a long-term mentor-mentee relationship.

Step 2: Account Executive

Once individuals are acclimated to our culture and transition through our initial and ongoing training processes, we present them with the challenge of developing and managing a team of our top people. Our Account Executives manage not only sales territory, but facilitate client relations, initiate training sessions, and engage in developmental meetings to better prepare them for branch management.

Step 3: Assistant Manager

In this role we transition our leadership team from the field to the office. Our assistant managers master the interviewing process and are given hiring power. Their time spent in the office consists of learning how to do payroll, compliance, profit and expense reporting, human resources, and other administrative responsibilities that are required to run an office. Employees promoted to the assistant manager position also attend client management training where they are taught upper-level leadership concepts and how to maintain a relationship with their clients.

Step 4: Branch Manager

The role of our ownership community is to take the foundation and skills acquired through previous roles and apply them to their own office and team of marketers. This position gives managers the freedom to build their own business based on the skills they have gained from their previous positions.

Employee growth and development are our number one priorities at Fortis Enterprises.