Public speaking skills are key elements of the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. training approach. Not only do they help us advance our careers, presenting skills also allow us to engage customers in meaningful ways. Here are a few strategies we’ve learned for owning the room when we’re addressing audience members or potential customers.

Putting people at ease is one essential element of solid public speaking. This includes the speaker, and we’ve found that having a good icebreaker in mind is the best way to make sure everyone is comfortable. When we’re onstage or in front of consumers, we share funny stories and mild jokes to capture people’s attention.

We also show respect for people’s time whenever we give any type of presentation. By doing our best to quickly get to the point, we give our listeners plenty of time to ask relevant questions. In the process, we make sure the people we’re addressing fully understand the ideas we’re sharing.

Getting people involved in our presentations is another sound strategy for getting our messages across. We engage listeners in a variety of ways when we represent Fortis Enterprises, Inc. or the companies we serve. Doing so brings greater clarity to everyone involved, which builds trust at the same time.

We’re putting these concepts to use in all our presentations. Follow Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Twitter to find more of our best public speaking advice.