We recognize the importance of diverse networks here at Fortis Enterprises, Inc., which is why we add contacts at all kinds of industry events. Here are a few simple but effective strategies we take into every networking event we attend.

One thing we remember to do is offer help to potential contacts right off the bat. The faster we can identify what might be challenging them in their professional lives, the likelier we are to forge meaningful connections. Even if we can only provide a temporary solution, we ensure that we’ll be remembered in a positive light.

We also ask lots of open-ended questions when we’re adding to our networks. This encourages potential contacts to talk more about their own skills, experiences, and the obstacles they currently face. People enjoy talking about themselves, and the answers they provide help us home in on common ground that leads to tighter bonds.

Both during events and after them, we do our best to be sources of positive energy for our Fortis Enterprises, Inc. network connections. Every time we reach out to our allies, we try to project enthusiasm. We want to be known as encouraging forces for those who count us among their networks.

These practices have served us well in our networking efforts. Find more of our best tips for adding contacts by following Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Twitter.