As we continue to exceed our Fortis Enterprises, Inc. growth goals, we’re looking for new talent to join our team. One of the best things we offer jobseekers is an immersive initial training program. Steve, our firm’s President, explained, “We prepare people to thrive in our industry from their first days on the job. Our program is focused on equipping new hires with real-world experience that bolsters confidence and all-around excellence.”

The goal of our in-depth development approach is to help each person on our team reach his or her fullest potential. Steve added, “We want to fill in any skills gaps, but it’s even more important to help our associates refine the unique talents they bring to the table. This is the ideal way to boost confidence and wide-ranging competence at the same time.”

Those who complete the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. training program gain knowledge in all aspects of customer service and marketing while absorbing human resources best practices. Our associates learn how to perform various admin tasks, including those related to hiring, interviewing, and retention. “We emphasize skills that serve our team members both now and well into the future,” our President noted. “It’s all about preparing people for long-term success.”

We continue offering in-depth education long after this initial program is complete. Learn more about all our training methods by following Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Twitter.