Giving back to the community is important to our Fortis Enterprises, Inc. executives. We want to make a positive impact on the world around us. One of the ways to do this is to make donations to charities. However, when doing this as a business, there are many methods for giving available. Here are a few possibilities we have examined at Fortis Enterprises, Inc., each with different advantages:

• Direct Giving: Contributing funds directly to a charity is a very straightforward mechanism. It is ideal for relatively small contributions or when giving once-off to a small number of recipients. Sometimes giving in this manner can be done with stock through a brokerage. Other goods and services may also be donated but may require more complex processes.

• Donor-Advised Fund: This type of fund is administered by a third party. It is an intermediary option between direct giving and a more sophisticated fund. As the donor, your organization will be able to request how the funds are used. This can often be a favorable option in terms of tax benefits.

• Charitable Trust: In this case, you would establish your own trust and transfer assets to it. This can be ideal for appropriating a large charitable budget. It offers a lot of control and many tax benefits but may be too complex for smaller amounts.

These methods can make giving back easier. To find more on this, like Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Twitter.