Philanthropy is part of the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. foundation. Our community has greatly contributed to the success of our firm, and we return the support whenever we can. Experience has taught us that there are many ways small businesses can create big charitable impact.

For example, we’ve learned that the spirit of giving is strongest when the recipients are causes we find personally meaningful. If we feel passionate about or connected to a certain nonprofit, it’s easy to tap into our energy and generate big outcomes on its behalf. To ensure that we select the right groups to support, we hold meetings to discuss our priorities and make our decisions together.

We’ve also discovered how important it is to be as efficient as possible when giving back. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we do our homework to find out what type of charitable programs are already in place. When possible, we foster partnerships to maximize donations and host fundraising events. Of course, we are careful only to back initiatives that align with Fortis Enterprises, Inc.’s values.

Every step of the way, we remember that giving need not take the form of monetary support. In-kind donations make a big difference. Food and toy drives are always impactful during the holidays. Coat drives come in handy during the cold months, and clothing drives are useful any time of year. The options are endless.

These lessons help us enhance our philanthropic impact. Like Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Facebook, where you can find more details surrounding our charitable work.