Talent, experience, and education are great. You need them to succeed in today’s professional environment. However, we at Fortis know they aren’t enough. Even introducing an amazing new product to the market at the right time isn’t enough to keep your business in the running. If you hope to excel in your industry, you must master soft skills like empathy, adaptability, positivity, and effective communication. This is because people would simply rather work with someone they like than someone who may be good at his or her job but is miserable.

From our team members at Fortis, here are some ways to boost your likeability at work:

Be Reliable

If you are consistent in terms of your expectations of others, and you follow through on your word, your colleagues will trust you. They know that if they trust you they can rely on you.

Be Honest

Even when the truth is unpleasant, always be honest. As we at Fortis can assert, there’s no shortage of deception in the business world, so your integrity won’t go unnoticed.

Be Open-Minded

Refrain from gossip or the quick judgment of others. Only negativity results from these things. Also, instead of rejecting anyone right away first consider their input – even if it doesn’t coincide with your own. You’ll be much more likeable if you are kind.

By adopting these qualities, your network and system of support will grow exponentially.