Even the most gregarious individuals tend to groan at the thought of attending a networking event. Therefore, you can imagine what the thought of participating in this activity does to someone whose personality is best described as introverted. If you tend to be more on the shy side, our Fortis pros suggest a few ways in which to overcome your fear of networking events and even make successful connections.

First, calm your fears by doing some preparation to have a better understanding of who else will be attending and how you will meet them. Our team at Fortis recommends that you think of a few questions in advance that will stimulate conversation. The more prepared you are to attend the festivities, the more confident you will feel.

Our associates at Fortis suggest that you also find ways to relax. This could be meditating before the event or having one drink (be careful not to over imbibe). Try not to focus on the purpose of the event; instead, focus on being present. Observe the group carefully to see how others interact. Listen to conversation in order to gain information.

Most importantly, remember that you don’t have to work the room – if you find one or two solid connections, your time has been well spent. Just breathe and make the best of it.