We’re dedicated to improving our public speaking skills here at Fortis Enterprises HQ. We know how important these abilities are to our long-term success, so we’ve been applying the following simple strategies to become more effective presenters.

First of all, we work hard to understand the audience we’re going to be addressing before any event. If we have a good idea of what motivates our listeners, we’re better equipped to create speeches that stay with them long after we leave the stage. Knowing their knowledge level on the topics we’re discussing also helps us effectively engage people.

We have also learned the importance of speaking with our hands during our Fortis Enterprises presentations. Matching our verbal messages with our body language is a big part of leaving a lasting impression on any audience we address.

Speaking more from our hearts than from our heads is another way we deliver memorable presentations. Rather than rehearse our speeches word for word, we create clear outlines that line up our main points without being too rigid. If we maintain a conversational tone while improvising a bit here and there, we’ll leave our listeners wanting more.

We keep these points in mind as we prepare and deliver speeches to audiences of all sizes.

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