Through our efforts to move forward in our Fortis Enterprises, Inc. careers, we’ve learned what it takes to secure regular promotions. Here are a few ways we show we’re ready to move to the next level, all of which have helped us get closer to our professional goals.

When we discuss projects with our supervisors, we do our best to keep the big picture in mind. In other words, we focus on what we’re currently working on while aligning it with longer-term objectives. We ask for feedback from the same perspective, seeking input that will help us make the biggest possible impact on Fortis Enterprises, Inc.

We also set expectations right from the start when we arrange meetings with supervisors. If our managers know exactly what we want to achieve in each meeting, they know their time will be used in the most productive way. Simply showing how much we value their time helps us stand out in our supervisors’ minds.

Written follow-up is another important part of our efforts to show we’re ready for promotions. We summarize meetings and report back within a day or two just to show that we’re serious about applying what we learned to reach the ambitious goals on our path to advancement.

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