Recruitment is an important part of Fortis Enterprises, Inc.’s growth strategy. Talented professionals keep us on the path to success in the customer acquisition industry. The central question when evaluating a candidate is whether he or she is the right fit for the position. In many cases, hiring managers will question applicants on why they think they are the right choices. Here are some ways to answer this:

• Identify Issues: All jobs are created to solve one or more problems for the organizations. Identifying those issues and discussing how you will address them is a very effective way to show you are the right fit for the job. Simply having the insight into what problems the manager wants to address will go a long way in impressing him or her.

• Prior Experience: Chances are you have prior experience that is related to the job. While we primarily emphasize attitude when recruiting at Fortis Enterprises, Inc., experience is always a bonus. So, we are impressed when we hear candidates go through how their earlier work applies to the position. This also shows an understanding of what is needed.

• Excitement: Everyone can be enthusiastic about an opportunity. However, not everyone can connect their passions directly to the needs of a job. Talk about how your hobbies, studies, and work reflect how interested you are in contributing to the team.

These ideas will help you answer why you are the right choice for a job. Find other insights from Fortis Enterprises, Inc. by following us on Twitter.